Anita Brown Alleges Why Davido Married Chioma

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United States-based model, Anita Brown, has alleged why Nigerian singer and music producer, David Adeleke, professionally known as Davido took in Chioma Rowland as his wife.

In a recent social media post, Anita alleged that Davido would never have married Chioma if their son Ifeanyi had not died. According to her, it was the tragedy that forced Davido’s hands into marriage.

“Would you have married if your child didn’t die?”

“That’s why you got bad luck, and bad things keep happening to you. YOU ARE THE DEVIL! YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE,” Anita stated in a post on her page tagging Davido.

She added: “This is what y’all call a good example in Nigeria, Y’all should be ashamed, Pathetic! Y’all must be some satanic fans. I don’t ever need to seek vengeance because what God has done to you and will do to you later will show you. And that’s enough for me.”

The alleged baby mama accused the international singer of always begging women to get what he wanted.

Naija News reports that cyberspace went agog on Tuesday night when Anita Brown took to her social media pages to accuse Davido of impregnating her.

In a viral video clip, Anita claimed that she did not know that the singer was married to his long-time girlfriend, Chioma Rowland.

According to her, she was not interested in messing up Davido’s marriage, saying that the marriage was already messed up as the singer was always with her whenever he visited America despite being married.

She further stressed that they had been together since 2017, claiming the singer wanted her to help him get back on his feet after losing his first son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Speaking in the viral video, Anita said: “Never in my life have I ever needed clout. I’ve been popular all of my life, from preschool and on. I have never had to expose nobody famous; y’all never even heard my business in relation to any of those kinds of categories because it’s unnecessary for me. But what is now necessary for me is to speak up for myself cause I won’t let people throw dirt on my name, lie or play with my integrity or name.”

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In another post, Anita said: “I give a man Life. I speak life into people. He wanted me to help him get back on his feet. Uplifting him and allat. On some friendships, calm ish. So I was hoping you could stop trying to make me into some evil clout-chasing weirdo. YUCK! And clearly, he said it, it’s been plenty of us that got pregnant since 2022. Until now. Apparently, they got rid of their babies.”

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