Burna Boy Told Me To Stop Complaining

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Nigerian singer, Seyi Vibez has opened up on how his senior colleague, Burna Boy inspired him.

The Chance crooner said that Burna Boy often advised him not to complain and keep moving forward in every situation he finds himself in.

He stated this while featuring on the latest episode of The Reprezent Podcast.

He added that Burna Boy’s advice inspired him to “show no sign of weakness” in his music career and his other endeavors.

Seyi Vibez said, “The advice that Burna Boy gave me that always stayed with me is don’t complain, just believe, show no sign of weakness, and keep moving.

“He always told me that: ‘Show no sign of weakness, bro. Keep moving.’ Yeah, that’s it.”

Burna Boy and Seyi Vibez collaborated on ‘Giza’ off the Grammy winner’s seventh studio album, ‘I Told Them’.

Why It Seems Like I’m Older Than My Actual Age – Seyi Vibez

Meanwhile, Seyi Vibez has shared his opinion on the reason most people believe he is older than his age.

The singer said people think he is older because he does things people his age don’t do.

The singer noted that he prefers to speak through his music.

The 23-year-old singer said, “because it seems I’m doing what I am not supposed to do at my age.

“Everyone thinks I am older than my age. Nobody thinks I’m 23. Because it seems I’m doing what I am not supposed to do at my age. I just have to keep pushing and working, so my inspiration never dies.”

Seyi Vibez stated this during an interview on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio.

He explained that he records music because he does not enjoy talking to people too often.

I keep recording not because I want to record, but because I don’t like talking to people too much. Since I was young, I didn’t like talking to people too much.

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“Whatever is on my mind is what I put in my music because that is the only way I can communicate with people. I have a lot more songs than the ones I have released.”


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