Chaste Inegbedion: The Many Ways AI is Transforming Creativity

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Art created by artificial intelligence (AI) has stirred a mix of fascination and controversy in recent times. An episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror named “Joan Is Awful” raises unsettling questions about the potential consequences of unrestrained AI power. The episode portrays Hollywood actress Salma Hayek‘s shock and horror upon discovering that her AI likeness is exploited by a production company in every conceivable manner, and indefinitely, all without her knowledge or consent. This narrative unveils the intricate web of free data-use agreements that many of us blindly accept while navigating the digital world.

Some see it as a challenge to human creativity, while others, like Nigerian filmmaker and artist Malik Afegbua, believe it can inspire us to craft a better reality, one that’s also more stylish for older generations.

AI in Our Daily Lives: A Sneak Peek into the Future

The influence of AI extends into our daily routines, workplaces, and travel experiences. Imagine starting your day with an AI-powered personal assistant that not only understands your schedule but also gauges your preferences and even your mood. It orchestrates your surroundings, from lighting to temperature, transforming each moment into a personalised and efficient experience. It manages your home, enhancing security and proactively addressing your needs.

In the workplace, AI transformed from being a potential threat to jobs to becoming a collaborative partner. Routine tasks are automated, liberating employees to channel their energies toward creativity and tackling complex challenges. AI-fueled tools analyse colossal datasets in seconds, empowering decision-makers with actionable insights. Virtual and augmented reality, driven by AI, facilitate immersive, remote collaboration, thereby enhancing productivity and employee well-being.

In the sphere of travel, AI takes the lead with hyperloop transportation systems that promise to slash travel durations substantially. Sustainable tourism is no longer just a buzzword; AI optimises travel routes, minimises environmental impact, and alleviates overcrowding at popular destinations. Language barriers fade into insignificance, thanks to AI-driven translation devices that foster cross-cultural connections.

Reflecting on the Sidelines of UNGA

As we reflect on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the transformational potential of AI becomes evident. Discussions and gatherings during this event provide glimpses into the expansive possibilities of AI, extending well beyond the realms of art and entertainment.

A reception hosted by Future Africa, themed “Invest in Africa’s Future 2023,” prompts contemplation on exits. The event, featuring Bosun Tijani, Temi Poopola, and Olugbenga Agboola, delves into conversations about the future of investment in Africa, exploring the impact of technology and AI on the continent’s growth trajectory.

In the same vein, another event unfolds: the Induction of Lagos State Governor into the Lagos Restaurant and Lounge Wall of Fame in Times Square, New York, hosted by MIPAD (Most Influential People of African Descent). These gatherings, where culture converges with AI, underscore the shifting landscape of our world.

AI for All: Fostering Inclusivity and Global Impact

One of AI’s most remarkable attributes is its potential to foster inclusivity. AI-driven educational platforms provide tailored learning experiences, levelling the educational playing field for students across the globe. Remote medical diagnostics, powered by AI, extend healthcare services to underserved communities, potentially saving countless lives.

However, AI’s true potency lies in its adaptability to diverse cultures and languages. It serves as a powerful force for inclusivity, dismantling barriers and addressing global challenges like poverty, discrimination, and climate change with an unprecedented degree of precision and scalability.

Navigating the Ethical Frontier of AI

Ethical considerations loom large as we embark on this AI-powered journey. Questions about AI governance, privacy safeguards, and measures to prevent misuse demand thoughtful responses. AI developers and policymakers are hereby collaborating to ensure the responsible deployment of AI. Guiding principles include transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. The exploration of the AI frontier proceeds cautiously, with a steadfast commitment to keeping humanity at its core. The next frontier beckons, promising a world where humans and AI coexist harmoniously, forging a better, more interconnected, and inclusive future; a future of incredible transformation and innovation.


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