ElanWay Dares to Be Different with Their Edgy Streetwear Collection

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ElanWay has just released its latest streetwear denim and plaid collection, featuring an eclectic mix of bold textures and abstract patterns. This collection includes the ever-popular plaid distressed bottom jacket in brown and black, along with distressed denim pants in black and washed brown.

The plaid distressed bottom jacket is a standout piece in the collection, offering a classic look with an edgy flair. The jacket boasts modern plaid patterns, highlighted with rough, distressed detailing – a perfect merge of vintage and modern styles. Available in brown and black colourways, the jacket caters to a diverse range of streetwear fashion enthusiasts.

A classic loose fit characterizes the Distressed denim pants available in black and washed brown. These pants are perfectly tailored to every body type, with their distressed texture and frayed edges adding an element of edginess and rebellion to any streetwear look.

The new collection blends traditional streetwear elements with contemporary fashion, providing a refreshing take on the grunge aesthetic that has become a hallmark of the streetwear fashion scene. The pieces are expertly crafted and reflect the essence of streetwear fashion – practical, unique and boundless artistic expression.

In summary, ElanWay’s latest streetwear denim and plaid collection is a must-have for anyone who enjoys high-quality fashion. The collection highlights the brand’s commitment to innovative and edgy design elements, creating clothing that will stand the test of time.

The new styles, textures and features make this collection unique and authentic. For those who want to make a statement through understated fashion, ElanWay’s collection is a perfect choice.

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Model Instagram Handles:

Designer/Creative Director Instagram: @elmarco_gee

Brand Instagram: @elanway_official

Photographer Instagram handle:@jonsingshots

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