A Yoruba Love Affair! Faiza & Temi’s Trad Was The Perfect Burst of Love and Culture

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Yoruba traditional engagements are filled with so much glamour and colour. Today, we’ve got plenty of reasons to revel in the beauty of love and culture and it is all thanks to Faiza and Temi.

The lovebirds surely came prepared. From their super gorgeous traditional attires and sweet show of love to their stellar dance moves at the reception, this couple really owned the show. Their wedding guests were not left out. They came with the right amount of energy and you can tell they had a blast. All in all, it was delightful to see family and friends come together to witness this beautiful union of love. Faiza and Temi make a perfect pair and we are totally rooting for them!

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @wrgoimagery

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