‘My Success Is Not Built Around My S3x Appeal’

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Yoruba Nollywood actress, Oloruntimilehin Bukola, better known as Kiitan Bukola, has said her success in the movie industry was not built on her sex appeal.

Naija News reports that the thespian, in an interview with PUNCH, said she had always been succeeding before she joined Nollywood and has a business outside movie production.

She said, “Away from the screen, I look good; so surely, I will have admirers. It is either I accept their proposals or not. I am very hard-working, and I had been succeeding before I came into Nollywood. I have a business outside the industry. My success is not built around my sex appeal.”

The actress also noted that she cannot continue a relationship with a cheating partner, unlike some women who have said that cheating is not a deal-breaker for them in relationships.

She said, “I will surely walk away silently (from the relationship), and life goes on.”

Asked if she is under any pressure to maintain a particular image on social media regarding fashion, she said, “I wear whatever I am comfortable in. I am not in competition with anyone, and I am not under pressure. Whenever I have money to buy designer outfits, I will go for them. And if I don’t, I will wear whatever I can afford.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian media personality cum actress, Toke Makinwa, has revealed why she no longer considers cheating as a deal breaker in a relationship.

Naija News recalls that Toke was married to a wellness coach, Maje Ayida, but the union crashed over infidelity.

However, in a podcast released on Thursday, the actress said she had reached a point in her life where cheating means nothing to her, stressing that she would respect her partner’s decision if he decided to leave because she cheated on him.

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According to her, as she grew older, she realized it’s easier for a woman to cheat, and the only reason some women don’t cheat is due to self-restraint.


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