What are Pay N Play Casinos?

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Pay N Play casinos are online casinos of the new generation. A quick and fast registration process is their special feature. They’re also known as PNP casinos or casinos without registration. Every single one of these names describe the function of these casinos very well.

Pay N Play casinos have gained a lot of popularity with Finnish players, which has resulted in most of the new casinos being registration-free. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with paynplay casinos yet, you might want to read on. In this article, we will get to know more about Pay N Play casinos, their range of games and other features – including the reasons behind their fast popularity.

Pay N Play casinos offer a fast access to games

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PNP casinos offer a new and innovative way to play on an online casino. They offer their users a way to start playing straight away, without the need to register a separate user account. The player doesn’t need to fill out any forms and they can instead start playing immediately after making a deposit.

Pay N Play casinos usually work in collaboration with a trustworthy payment gateways, which handles the electric identification as well as the deposit. The player makes the payment using their online banking credentials, straight from their own bank account. While doing this, they also agree on an electronic identification, which gives the casino all the necessary information about them. This is why the player doesn’t need to provide copies of any other identifying documents to the casino.

The history of Pay N Play casinos

The history of this type of casino started in the year 2015, when Trustly Group AB launched their first Pay N Play casino. Trustly was involved in developing this completely new technology, which allows the player to identify electronically while making a deposit. The first Pay N Play casino was released in 2016 and the use of this technology has become more common quite fast.

In the year 2018 Pay N Play casinos became available for the Finnish users as well. Their popularity with Finnish players was gained quite quickly. Pay N Play casinos have become even more of a popular choice for casino games with the development of technology.

Many other companies have followed in their footsteps after this, and developed their own versions of this innovative service. Their ease of use and security makes them a very desirable option for many players. Many of today’s leading online casinos do offer Pay N Play services to their users as a result of this.

Fast login and deposit as a competitive advantage

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The login and payment are done using a payment gateway. All of these gateway services are previously well-known to the players, from traditional online casinos or from online shopping. However, they now offer an even faster and safer way to deposit money to the online casino.

When you want to login to a Pay N Play casino, you must pick the deposited sum of money of your choosing. You pick the bank you want to make the transfer from after this. You’ll be redirected to this bank’s website and you can verify your deposit there. After you’ve verified it, the money will immediately be seen in your account and you can move on to play the games.

As a cherry on top of the cake, the payment gateway service will also identify you. Because the electronic identification using your online banking credentials is strong, you no longer need to take part in any other kind of identification process, which might take days or even weeks in a traditional online casino. Pay N Play casinos allow you to go on with the identification immediately while making a deposit, which allows you to play games right away as a result.

Fast withdrawal of the winnings as well

Pay N Play casinos can offer quite a quick process of withdrawal as well. The process works in the same way as the deposit, straight to the user’s own bank account. The same payment gateway used in the deposit and electronic identification is used during this payment process as well.

In fact, one of the main strengths of Pay N Play casinos is the identification done immediately when accessing the site and starting to use it. This allows the player to withdraw their winnings whenever, even the day they started playing. The withdrawal request might be processed in a couple of minutes at best, and the money can be transferred to their bank account in just hours.

This is impossible in a regular, traditional online casino, as they require an identification before a request for withdrawal can be made. This requires the player to provide the site with copies of a few documents, which will be checked over by the casino’s personnel and the identification is fully done only after that. This will obviously be fairly time-consuming, and it isn’t possible to withdraw the winnings right after making a deposit.

A competitive range of games

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The selection of games in these online casinos is quite extensive and varied as well. They include many categories of games, such as slot games, table games, video poker and live casino, scratch cards, lotteries and bingos.

Slot games tend to be the most popular of them all, and their selection does usually hold quite an impressive collection of different kinds of games. They can be traditional or more modern, video-based slot machines, which do include more of a story and many special features.

Table games usually include blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Roulette still tends to be one of the most popular games in any online casino, and many players like to head straight to this high risk game.

In a game of video poker, the player’s goal is to win by getting as good of a poker hand as they possibly can. In a live-casino, the player can take part in a game in real time, with a real dealer.

The selection does usually include a bunch of entertaining games for all preferences. Lottery and bingo are completely based on luck and can be quite exciting as well. So online casinos do, after all, offer a lot of variety for all types of gamblers.

Bonuses have also found their way to Pay N Play casinos

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At the beginning of their rise on the market, Pay N Play casinos could not offer their users any kind of bonuses. However, things have changed and today’s sites can offer as many bonuses as regular online casinos.

Bonuses can be free spins or deposit bonuses, which allow the player to get more game money even when they only bet a small amount of their own money. Pay N Play casinos can also offer welcome packs, loyalty programs and other benefits for any player to use.

It’s always important to read the terms of the bonuses before redeeming them, because they can differ a little between different online casinos.

Why are Pay N Play casinos so popular?

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According to recent studies, a growing amount of gambling takes place in online casinos working from outside of Finland. One of the main reasons behind this might actually be Pay N Play casinos allowing an even easier and more secure experience with playing with no registration process.

Pay N Play casinos can offer types of benefits and bonuses others can’t, but still work under the same kind of safe gambling licenses as other safe gambling sites. This results in tax-free winnings to Finnish players, so their popularity is no surprise.

The future of Pay N Play casinos

PNP casinos are definitely a part of the future, as their popularity has been only growing within the last few years. Many of the newest online casinos are in fact Pay N Play casinos, which only works as a testament to their excellent gaming experience.

Pay N Play casinos will probably rise in popularity in the future, as well. Their ease of use and quick deposit process make them very inviting to players, which probably means there will be even more PNP casinos in the market – which is obviously beneficial to the players.


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