How Are You Satisfying Your Inner Child as An Adult? People Share Their Stories on X

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Remember when you were a child and fantasised about enjoying certain luxuries of life without having to share with your siblings or being hindered by your parents? Haha, we all have those moments, be it wanting to eat that pack of candy or a full chicken alone, have a night-out with your guys or girlies, wear that crop top or, like Fernweh, eat one whole plantain all by yourself.

Yesterday Fernweh shared how she dreamed of frying one plantain and eating it all by herself. But guess what, she fried and ate two. Talk about dreams being valid and coming true! Anyway, other people chimed in with their childhood fantasies and boy! The tweets will warm up your heart.

Check out their responses below:

This can’t end here, please. 😂 What were your childhood dreams? How are you satisfying your inner child?



Feature image by Werner Pfennig for Pexels


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