‘Stardew Valley’ launches on Apple Arcade in July

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What if you could farm…on your iPhone?

That ridiculous dream will become reality very soon thanks to Apple Arcade. Apple’s $4.99/mo mobile gaming subscription service is getting a new batch of games in July, most notably the 2016 farming masterpiece Stardew Valley(opens in a new tab). Yes, for the low price of $5, you can play an eminently relaxing game (based on one of the world’s least relaxing jobs) on the go, starting July 21.

In case you’re not familiar, Stardew Valley gifts you a farm on a generous plot of land at the start and lets you do whatever you want with it. Do you want to run the world’s most efficient, machine-like farm with dozens of crops? Go for it. Do you want to tend to just a few simple crops so you can spend the rest of your time mining, fishing, or getting married to one of the game’s many charming characters? Do your thing!

The best part is that’s not all. Apple Arcade is also getting a handful of other titles in July, including: Slay the Spire, a popular roguelike game (July 7); Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a life simulation game (July 28); and Ridiculous Fishing EX, a remastered version of a fishing game that’s truly…ridiculous.

If you haven’t checked out Apple’s subscription service, now may be the time. Just don’t blame me if you spend so much time in Stardew that you miss your train stop.

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