The Ethnic Business Awards: A Night of Celebration for Foreigners in Nigeria

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An upcoming award ceremony is on the horizon, focusing on honouring and celebrating foreigners living and working in Nigeria. The event, known as “The Ethnic Business Awards” (TEBA), will have its second edition on Nigeria’s Independence Day, October 1st, 2023.

The event is set to take the stage at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Lagos. The ceremony aims to recognize the valuable contributions and achievements of these individuals, creating a platform to acknowledge their remarkable endeavours.

According to Andrew Anyanwu,

TEBA’s Director of Logistics, most of the awards projects in Nigeria are geared towards eulogising Nigerians without recourse to considering foreigners and the migrants community. So it is in this regard that The Ethnic Business Awards debuted.

For us, The Ethnic Business Awards is a Corporate Social Responsibilty, our own way of giving back to our guests, our idea of celebrating foreigners, those foreign businesses, diplomatic missions and migrants community for their unflinching support and contributions to the Nigerian economy.

In the year 2020, the official figure of international migrants in Nigeria was given as 1.3m, though debatable, and that’s just a rough estimate. With that statistics, Nigeria has, the largest migrants’ population in Africa and seventh largest in the world.

This amazing population and outstanding achievements informed the need to appreciate and reward the heroic contributions of these foreigners in the Nigeria’s business arena.

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The evening is designed to be a fusion of multi-ethnic fashion, dance, music, and comedy. The Ethnic Business Awards are a testament and celebration of Nigeria’s multifarious business people. The project targets ethnic personalities, groups, corporate firms, and loyal migrants who now see and call Nigeria home, and who have evolved their lives to contribute to its business landscape.

Nominations for the different categories of awards are open on the official website

For more details/sponsorship consideration, kindly email them at in[email protected] or call 07035418905, 08023125581.

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