The Many Varieties of Online Slots

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Slot machines have been around for over a century with many new developments taking place in the look and variety of this casino game. The original design in the late 1800s retains some of the features that are present in today’s popular online slots, but online slots have led to so many new games.

What started as a simple machine with a lever was then given an electromechanical touch in the 1960s – this was followed by the video slot in the ‘70s, before the emergence of online slots to the forefront in the ‘90s. Slot machines remain the most popular method of gambling because of their accessibility – they are also responsible for generating most of the income in a casino. This piece will look at some of the different varieties of online slot games that have come to define the genre at large on the internet.

Classic slots


The classic online slots are a digitally reimagined variant of the ‘one-armed bandit’ or three reel-slots – they were the original slot machine games involving a lever that became all the talk in the early days of Las Vegas’ rise as a hub for casino activity.

If users get three of the same symbols on each reel after pulling the lever, they hit the jackpot. The chances of this occurring, however, are extremely unlikely. The online classic slots have

tried to work around this using the RNG algorithm, which provides a better payout on most occasions. You can find classic slots among the large collection of slots and games at BuzzBingo, which houses some of the most popular online slots that exist today alongside more  topical and seasonal ones like Dios Maradona, Christmas Vibes Accumul8, and Santa King Megaways

Five-reel slots


Five-reel slots are also referred to as video slots and are the most popular slot games in this day and age. One of the developments made by the video slot was to eschew the use of levers. All that players need to do is hit a button. Like classic slots, five-reel slots also work as a gateway to slot games and are more attractive to modern slot gamers because of the colorful graphics and sounds that are characteristic of these games. Unlike the classic slot, there’s also a greater chance of raking in some rewards with numerous pay lines. The odds of winning the jackpot are greater than classic slots, and bets tend to last a bit longer. The free spin option is also a bonus feature that comes with five-reel slots.

Six-and-seven-reel slots

Six-and-seven-reel slots are an experimental variation of the five-reel slots. The grid structure is similar, but the experience is often more thrilling, with longer matches and exciting symbol stacks.

There is also some freedom to build distinct structures – which goes back to the experimental nature of this slot game. Going back to the primary purpose of slot games, this type of slot also offers great odds for three or more scatter symbols to show up. This type of slot isn’t the most inviting for new players but is great once users are familiar with the structure of slot games.

“Shuffling through the METAVERSE” (CC BY 2.0) by Jurvetson

Virtual reality slots


Virtual reality is almost certainly going to take over lives; it’s only a matter of time. For now, it remains something niche among the masses, but there’s this feeling of inevitability about the use of this technology when the time comes. Slot games are going to be a part of this new online gaming reality, and have already created a market within this technology. The history of slot games showcases that there’s always been a need to evolve with the times, and it is the same here.

On some level, this is a call back to the days when slot machines were used manually, but with a Virtual Reality headset, this experience can be achieved through the comforts of home. The virtual reality experience isn’t limited to playing slot games or even larger casino games,  but could also include the experience of staying in a hotel, buying drinks, and socializing with other players.

Progressive slots


This slot gets its game from players progressively adding to the jackpot sum by making wagers – it is also referred to as the accumulation jackpot. The comparison to lotteries is often made because of the amount of money that is accumulated, and the number of participants. This is certainly not one of the more accessible slots, with a massive wager required to just enter into the jackpot stakes. This is a big slot for big-money players with big-money stakes – perhaps someone like former basketball star JR Smith.

Interactive slots


Interactive slots are one of the high points of the shift to online slots, and a marker for just how advanced technology is today, and what could be in store going forward as far as slot games are concerned.

This slot game gives players the scope to go about their experience in a way that is unique to themselves due to the accomplishments of modern computing. Players take part in a game-advancing story with the spinning of combinations helping the player progress the story. Players who are familiar with the mechanics of adventurous video games, and are looking to add a storyline to their slot games experience might be tempted to start their slot game journey with interactive slots.

Players can even add to this experience by participating in games like mini-golf as a bonus. Interactive slots are also not known for high variance. As players develop their skills, so do they increase their odds of doing well.


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