Knocks As Pretty Mike ‘Cooks’ Human At Real Warri Pikin’s Wedding

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Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike, has been lambasted online over his dramatic entrance at the wedding vow renewal of comedienne, Real Warri Pikin.

Naija News reports that Pretty Mike is widely known for his controversial turn-up at public events and the wedding reception of the Nigerian comedienne was no different.

A video shared via his Instagram page captured some ladies carrying tomatoes and pepper, leaves, big cooking pot, and a bucket of water while two other men carried a dwarf with the socialite holding a cooking spoon.

The dwarf was later put inside the cooking pot with Pretty Mike adding different ingredients inside the pot.

He captioned the video, “No matter how hard it gets, trust me, it will get as bad as you and I having each other for lunch and dinner. Congratulations @realwarripikin and her hubby”

However, many netizens expressed their displeasure alleging, it might be a ritual purpose.

grainhouse wrote: “This guy ain’t clean, this is rituals in disguise. The world is getting darker and darker, you need God to be your light so that you can see”

aloisan_tan wrote: “This is disturbing. Am i the only person that does not find this funny?????”

mheenarh wrote: “How do you allow yourself to be used for this kain thing”

sohigh_xy wrote: “Make Sapa no make person enter pot for public 🙏🏼 God Abeg ooo”

makfod wrote: “Na wah, feel this guy didnt get enough Love while growing up cos whats all this ? Hiaaaan”

slimrara wrote: “I’m really interested in knowing how much that guy in the pot was paid”

its_kabbie wrote: “Inside person wedding .. anyways anyone inviting Mike should expect drama”

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avediamond wrote: “Trust Mike to always steal the whole show people who invite him for their events dey try”


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