Why People Have Not Been Seeing And Hearing From Me

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Nigerian singer, Terry G, has called out his former manager for allegedly overbooking him irrespective of whether he was available or not.

The singer made the allegation via a post on his social media account on Sunday.

According to him, this was the reason for his unexplained absence from the music scene.

While apologising to show promoters about some questionable practices by his ex-manager, the singer accused his previous management of overbooking him and not refunding promoters.

He wrote: “To all show promoters: I worked with a dubious team (managers), which created a false narrative about me.

“They accepted bookings without my knowledge. I’m only human and I use this platform to apologise to you all. I’m happy to clear this up, as it has been [the] reason why you all haven’t been hearing or seeing Terry G. Thanks.”

This Will Hurt Many People’ – Terry G Makes Announcement About Music Career

Meanwhile, Terry G has announced his retirement from the music industry.

Naija News reports the ‘Akpako’ master made this known in a video shared via his Instagram page

Terry G explained that he is quitting music because of personal reasons.

He expressed appreciation to his fans for their support over the years, stressing that his decision might hurt them, but it was in his best interest.

He said, “A big thank you to my fans for staying through with me all these years. I really appreciate you all. It been amazing years back-to-back. Thank you all for the love.

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“But I’m about to make a big announcement. I know it’s going to hurt a lot of people but I’ve my personal reasons. I’m quitting music. I’m done. And I really appreciate you guys for showing me so much love.”

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