From Inspiration to Action: Highlights from WISCAR’s Annual Leadership Conference 2023 in Lagos

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In December 2023, an event was held at the Muson Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, bringing together influential leaders, accomplished professionals, and aspiring talents committed to advancing gender equality and women empowerment.

The Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR) Annual Leadership and Mentoring Conference 2023 was an inspiring and power-packed gathering, providing actionable recommendations for positive change.

The theme for this year’s conference, “In Her Own Voice: Forging Ahead,” emphasized the importance of gender equality, inclusive governance, and sustainable development. The event served as a platform for women to amplify their voices and share their stories of success, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Mo Abudu, keynote speaker and award-winning Media mogul and Entrepreneur, delivered an impactful address. She shared insights on the importance of amplifying women’s voices in leadership and reminded the audience that “if you can think it, you can do it!” Abudu’s speech was a call to action for women to plan, be prepared, and stand firm for what is right, fair, and just as champions of change.

Amina Oyagbola, the visionary founder of WISCAR, expressed gratitude for the remarkable turnout and engagement at the conference. She shared that “In Her Own Voice” encapsulates the essence of the transformative journey WISCAR envisions for women in successful careers. Oyagbola also expressed her gratitude to the sponsors and partners of this year’s conference, stating that achieving gender equality is a shared responsibility.

The day-long event featured insightful panel discussions. Attendees had the opportunity to connect, share experiences and explore avenues for collaboration. The conference successfully generated actionable recommendations for legal and policy changes aimed at advancing gender equality and inclusive growth.

As the conference concluded, Tokunboh George-Taylor, Chairperson of the 2023 ALMC Planning Committee, reflected on the day’s achievements. She stated that “In Her Own Voice” is a call to action for all of us to play our part in building a more equal and equitable world.

Mo Abudu receiving the 12th distinguished WISCAR Awards

WISCAR extends its appreciation to all participants, sponsors, and partners who contributed to the success of the conference. The organization remains committed to its mission of developing women to build a better nation and looks forward to continued collaboration and impactful initiatives in the coming year.

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