Wunmi Adelusi: The Little Things That Matter in Career Building

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I’ve been reflecting on my career journey. Coincidentally, on a radiant Monday morning, an encounter with two senior colleagues sparked a moment of self-discovery as we crossed paths in the elevator lobby. Their genuine praise of me filled the air. With heartfelt words like “always on point” and “articulate young lady,” I couldn’t help but be grateful. It made me realise that the small choices I make sometimes leave a lasting impact. Inspired by influential figures like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, I found validation in the notion that success lies not only in grand gestures but also in the power of the little things.

I stumbled upon an Instagram post about Barack Obama’s inspiring career advice. His words resonated deeply, especially his emphasis on giving your best to every task, regardless of its magnitude. By investing your utmost effort into every assignment, you catch the attention of those around you. As time passes, your consistent dedication will be recognised, propelling your career forward.

Later, I came across Kola Oyeneyin‘s insightful LinkedIn post that echoed Barack Obama’s sentiment. It highlighted a common occurrence where many excel at identifying problems but falter when it comes to taking action. Standing out in your career means being among the few who not only identify challenges but also step up and get the work done. By embodying this mindset, you become a valuable asset, driving tangible results and progress.

As I reflected deeply on this, I stumbled upon Michelle Obama’s inspiring book, The Light We Carry. Her words struck a chord, reminding me that even the biggest challenges become more manageable when accompanied by small, deliberate actions. This revelation emboldened me to write about these seemingly modest yet transformative little things that have shaped my career.


Individuals who consistently deliver exceptional results become unique from those who achieve success sporadically. Whether it’s meeting deadlines, consistently producing high-quality work, or maintaining a positive attitude, being consistent in your actions builds trust and credibility among colleagues and superiors. It demonstrates your commitment and reliability, making you a valuable asset to any team or organisation.


Reliability works with consistency. I have a particular boss who describes me as reliable. Being reliable means fulfilling your commitments and obligations consistently and dependably. It means following through on your promises and delivering on your responsibilities, no matter how small or mundane they may seem. Reliable individuals are sought after because they are trusted to get the job done, even in challenging circumstances. This trait earns one respect and cultivates strong professional relationships, opening doors for new opportunities.

Taking pride in every task

Approach every task, big or small, with enthusiasm and a sense of pride. Every assignment, no matter how seemingly insignificant, offers an opportunity to showcase your skills, work ethic, and attention to detail. Taking pride in every task demonstrates a commitment to excellence and a dedication to personal growth. It also shows that you are willing to go above and beyond for any task. This will be noticed by those around you. For me, whether it is the filing I am assigned to do or the management report I am writing, I do it to the best of my ability.

Going the extra mile

One of the little things that can make a big difference in your career is going the extra mile. This means going beyond what is expected of you and taking the initiative to exceed expectations. It could be by giving additional time to meet deadlines, volunteering for additional projects, offering innovative solutions even when it is likely to cause more work, or taking on tasks outside of your immediate responsibilities. By going above and beyond, you demonstrate your commitment to success and contribute to the overall growth of your team and organisation.

In today’s career world, there is often a focus on achieving big things and making significant accomplishments. However, it’s essential not to forget the impact of small actions. As Hudson Taylor once said, “Being faithful in small things is a great quality. Embracing these qualities as part of your work ethic, will not only make you excel in your current role but also pave the way for long-term success and fulfillment in your career journey. Always remember, small actions can make a big difference.”




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